Word & Motto :
Under the motto," Perfect Technological Solutions", and with a high sense of commitment, the founders headed by Mr.Mazen Abdurrahman Saleh Morshid have established ALMAZEN a start point to make this motto come 2000 Company for Computer Requirements making the year true. Being the General Director of the company, Mr.Mazen has succeeded to make this company one of the key national companies operating in the all computers fields. He also managed through
a fifteen years experience in this domain, to make ALMAZEN Company win a number of the major International Agencies. Diversity and Quality of these agencies' products enabled ALMAZEN Company to realize its motto.


Brief & Objective :
The main objective of establishing ALMAZEN for Computer Requirements Company is to provide equipment, accessories and systems to meet the local market needs in the technology field. In addition. the company keen to provide the client with a diverse set of options related to quality, trademark or price, so that the client has the freedom of choice. The company also aims to make the Yemeni market reach advanced levels to consistently cope with the era demands With a remarkably dedicated and professional team and with an effective and systematic structure, the company is privileged to gain the client trust and to undertake huge projects for a wide range of the key national economy private and governmental sectors that is to assist these sectors make the best use of the available techniques which are part and parcel of the national economy components, The rough adapting modern technologies to the client capacities and requirements, the principle" Ideal Work Environment" is being realized .The after-selling service the company offer its clients exemplified ed in the technical support department the maintenance center and the regular client follow-up and all organized human and administrative services and capabilities have all contributed to make the name ,ALMAZEN or Computer Requirements stick in the clients' mind .

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Projects :
  • Preparation and installation of electricity and computer network for
    Alrayyan Airport.
  • Preparation and installation of electricity and computer network for
    Almukalla seaport.
  • Procurement and installation of computer networks for Alnaser University and the Pakistani School.

Clients :
The company has the privilege of offering its services to more than 2000
clients, executing their projects, meeting their needs and participating
in realizing their objectives.

Accredited Agents for a Number of International Companies :


The Australian company specialized in the
Electricity field (UPSs-stabilizers- batteries-inverters)

one of the robust Taiwan companies
well-known for quality And providing a lot
of computer requirements and networks.

A company specialized in the field of optical
drive screens LCD and compact disk
devices etc…
company A company specialized in the field of
computer requirements, networks, laptop
requirements and some other electronic
supplements .
company A trademark specialized in manufacturing
computer accessories.




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